Friday, May 18, 2012


I received a few postcards recently from new states and a new country. Well, the one from the new country (France) I received a while ago, but somehow it missed being posted... It was from Caddi, while on holiday skiing.
My math teacher Corinne sent the one from Gulf Shore, Alabama, while at the beach!

The 3rd was from Kate, while on a road trip. It was sent from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Haha I just realized that all three were sent while traveling! I would love to take a road trip out west. Where would you like to go?

So, more postcards! For Mother's Day, I made my mom a book out of some old postcards.
front and back covers

inside front cover

inside back cover


  1. I love the gift for your mom! If she prefers dogs or something like that, I'd gladly accept this notebook XD

    1. Haha My dad was trying to convince me to make one for my aunt, who also loves cats! I only had the two kitty postcards, though XD