Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Envelope tutorial

I know that many of you already know how to make your own envelopes (I love getting them in the mail!), but maybe someone will find this useful! I never used to use a template to make my envelopes, because then I could make them to fit whatever I was sending, but I tried it yesterday, and it is simpler!

Find an envelope that you like the size of, and open it all the way flat.
Position the envelope on your paper, and trace around it.
Cut out.
Fold your template envelope back up, and using it as a guide, fold in the sides of your envelope.
Remove the template envelope, and using your thumbnail, a bone folder, scissor handle, or other hard smooth object, crease folds.
Dot glue along the edges of the side flaps, and spread out (I used my finger). USE THE GLUE SPARINGLY!!! You only need a tiny bit, otherwise the paper will wrinkle.
Ta-daa! You now have your very own, one-of-a-kind, handmade, re-purposed envelope!


  1. What a fun watermelon envelope- perfect for summer!

    I have this nice glue stick that I use for envelopes. It's got liquid glue inside, but it's kind of pen shaped, and one is a brushy-bit, so it's really easy to apply the glue just where you need it but not too much!

    1. That glue stick sounds very useful! I get my fingers covered in glue, from spreading it out...

  2. How cool! I'll have to try this :) thanks.

  3. Thank you! I've seen 'envelope templates' for sale and always thought they would be helpful but I never wanted to pay so much $$ - this is a much better idea! :-)