Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have had a lot of trouble posting this! Sorry it took so long. I also hadn't meant to post so many pictures, but when I had re-write the post, I kept finding more I really liked! So, here it is! Hopefully...

I got this postcard from Esra in California. I love the picture! She took it on a trip to Bolivia.

I recently found some vintage letterheads online that you can print out. I thought they were pretty cool, and have printed out a few to use, on half-sheets of paper.

The first is this V-mail stationary, used by soldiers during WWII to send letters back home.

From the blog Everyday Correspondence, here are a few of my favorite letterheads:

Another archive of letters I found, is Letterheady. There are some really cool letterheads there, however these images are not free of copyright. I imagine that it would be okay to print out a couple for personal use, though. Some of my favorites:

 And one last one...


  1. The WWII ones are pretty cool. I love history.

    And OMG, the HARRY POTTER one is AMAZING!! I will def have to get that one whenever I can get more ink! :)

    1. Aren't they great? I couldn't wait to post these, but like I said, I had some difficulties...