Tuesday, July 2, 2013

brief update!

How is everyone? I just wanted to say that I will be leaving for college next month (in Iowa!) so I'll no longer have my PO box. Even though I haven't been keeping up with my blog, I'm leaving everything up in case I decide to come back to it later. I want to thank you all for the letters you've sent, and for visiting my blog. I always meant to keep it up, but I got busy with other things, and like so many other things I've picked up, I've put it down after a while. I guess I don't have a long attention span! Anyway, I don't want this to be goodbye for good. See you later!


  1. Oh, you're going to college now! I hope that you'll enjoy it :)

    Take care!


  2. All the best with your studies.

  3. I enjoyed getting to know you through letters. I hope you have a great time at college. :)