Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mail Art Show

 I had a week off from school recently, so my family decided to take a trip to Asheville, North Carolina for a few days. I fell in love with the city! They have really good food, a lot of interesting shops, and a lot of art stuff. There was this mail art show on display while we were there, and since I've never been to one, I had to go! It was in this building called Phil Mechanic Studios. It looked like an old factory or something. Inside, the rooms had been set up as artists' studios. It was a really cool place!
It was their 7th year of the show, Anything Goes, Everything Shows mail art show. I want to do something for it next year!
A real egg made it through the mail!
Broke in the mail, so had to be fixed!
Back side

I have more pictures I will post soon, and some new letters!


  1. This is too cool! I was in Asheville over the summer by the way. I loved that town!

    This kind of makes me mad because I tried to mail a 2 and a half x 1 and a half inch box the other day and they rejected it at the post office! Urgh!

  2. Wow, this show seems pretty awesome. I wish we had such cool mail art to see around here too! And, as Shannah above, I'm always confused by post officers rejecting my mail. Sometimes I think they make up their rules on the very moment they see my stuff. I mean, someone sent an egg, why can't I send an envelope with a non-regular size?

  3. Shannah and Penny: I haven't really done any mail art that isn't regularly shaped, so I don't know how my post office people are about that stuff, but it does seem weird! The guy at the mail art show said that his postal workers loved seeing everything that came in!

  4. I'd love to go to that exhibition someday, everything looks so cool :) Mail art is not a big thing here, I wish it was though :\ And the Puss in Boots thing is adorable, I'll definitely print them :D Thanks for the idea!

    Your new follower, Claudia :)

  5. What beautiful BLOG! I found your Blog at Postcrossing :) I reaorganise my Blog soon and Post more postcards *.*

  6. Interesting. It grabs attention and holds on until the mind catches on. :)