Thursday, January 12, 2012

Postcard book, and a letter!

I got another letter today! From Victoria in Akron Ohio. She's homeschooled too!

Okay, so remember in my first post I mentioned Postcrossing? Where you can send and receive postcards to and from all over the world? Well I had happened to see How to Make Books by Esther Smith at the library, and while looking at it at home, I came across a project to make a book to hold postcards! I thought that it would be a perfect way to keep mine, instead of in a box.
I really like how it came out! For the front, I decorated it with canceled stamps.
I really liked it because the postcards are not glued in, so I can take them out and look at the back. They stay in pretty well, too. I wasn't sure if they would, because you just fold them in, but the folds stayed :)
As you can see, I used paper grocery bags for the pages. They were a good weight, and bigger than a normal sheet of paper.

If you are interested in bookmaking at all, I highly recommend How to Make Books. It is easy to follow, and has short stories about the author's experiences with various projects. It also doesn't tell you that you need to have all kinds of fancy bookmaking supplies!

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