Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you doing anything for St. Patrick's Day? Are you at least wearing green? Even though I'm just staying home, I do have a green shirt on! And tonight a couple friends are coming over, so we might make some Irish soda bread, or some kind of Irish/green inspired dessert.

I got a very green postcard from Kim in Amsterdam, Netherlands this week just in time for St. Patrick's Day!
It's a pretty color of green, but I'm not sure I would want my house that color...

I also got a handmade postcard from Karen in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. She has a blog here. Anyway, I really like her postcard! I love getting mailart. It is so interesting to people's different styles, and to be able to actually touch a little piece of their art.


  1. St. Patric'd day isn't popular in Poland, I know only that it's Irish feast! ^^ Have a green day! :)

    1. Here, a lot of people 'celebrate' by going to bars. They also have parades, and people eat corned beef and cabbage and wear green.

  2. I know, because I'm watching some movies in youtube about live in USA (people who go there, say and show how look live there :) )

  3. It's movie about St. Patric's day:

    They live in Floryda. :) You can listen polish language ;) hehe