Saturday, February 4, 2012

Exploding cucumbers!

Yesterday I got some really interesting mail!
A postcard from Kate in Portland, Oregon (I just read a book that took place in Portland, If I Stay. It was pretty good!). It has a really cool stamp on the back!

I got some Exploding Cucumber (Cyclanthera Explodens) seeds from Jeff in Shelbyville, Indiana. I can't wait to try growing them!
Here is a video of one. Isn't it funny?

Connie in Cuddebackville New York sent me all kinds of fun stuff!
I really like the stickers on top! They are kind of weird, but really cute! She also sent me a bunch of postcards!!!
There is one with a picture of Rue Anemone...
It makes me think of a character in the book The Hunger Games, Rue. I'm pretty sure she was named after a flower, and now I know what that flower looks like! I highly recommend the book. I am so excited about the movie coming out in March! The previews I've seen so far for it look really good!


  1. CUDDEBACKVILLE?! Oh my goodness, it is so funny to see that place mentioned. Up until recently I lived just a couple of miles down the road from there. It really is such a small world! I can't believe there is a letter writer from there and I never even knew. I almost wish that letter writing was a team activity so you would know others who were a part of it in your area.

    Just read through your blog, keep up the great work :) (And Happy belated Birthday!!!)

    1. That is funny! I've had a couple people nearby me send letters, that I hadn't ever met before. A small world indeed!

      Thanks for reading!